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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

It's my blog, right? 03/08

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How many weeks? Two or maybe three? No actually I think it's been a whole complete month! Don't blame me guys, I know that you've been missing me like hell (as if) but I just wasn't near the notebook (or laptop, if you prefer) for some time.  And obviously, a lot of things happened during the intervening period.
d.r.e.a.m is in 20min on mbc1
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I've been in hols for about two weeks now and it's been ok.  Really! I've been actually working a bit, writing an awful lot and listening to a lot of music (mainly Within Temptation).  And of course I've been reading.
As many of you probably know, I'm in the transitional process of becoming an atheist and hell, it is difficult to get yourself accepted in the Mauritian society when you're atheist - particularly by adults.  But now that I'm fleeing from god, the question is what do I believe in?  It's always been science; I still am convinced that science can explain anything and everything, whether it is love (I actually wrote a column about the chemistry of love) or the creation of the universe.  "But can science really answer anything?" Well, that's the question that the writer of "8 problems that shows the limits of science," is trying to answer.  It's a really book which I just started.
Speaking of books, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was finally released two weeks ago.  Well I obviously have the whole series displayed next to me in the tv room/laptop room/library room at home.  I took it slowly this time.  I mean I didn't really rush to finish the 6th book; I think I took 3 or 4 days in all actually.  Well ratings? Here's how I'll list the series in order of preference (best first):
1. Prisoner of Azkaban
2. Philospher's Stone
3. Goblet of Fire
4. Half-Blood Prince, Chambers of Secrets & Order of the Phoenix.
But the 3 books tied on 4th spot are not synonyms of worst.  There're not as good as the other 3 obviously but I still enjoyed them.  The 6th book disappointingly though only seems to be the prelude to the final book of the series.  It doesn't really has a plot.  It only gives us some backstory about the Horcruxes.  And I loved liked mad, the Ginny-Harry relationship.
And about the Horcruxes, I have a theory about where the locket is, that I've pitched to a Harry Potter fansite.  I'll let you know when it's published, if ever it is.
Just watched k2da on mbc1
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Apart from Harry Potter, we're going to have a reboot of the laptop later today.  And this means that practically all of the files and software currently on the laptop are going to be deleted.  I've already done my back-up (only need to actually store the 1.2 Gb of my files on CD) and well, we'll see how it all turns out to be.  I'll have to download FireFox again for instance and some other software as well, I'm afraid.
Today will also mark the first day of my participation in the rehearsal of Shakespeare's Macbeth.  Yeah, I'm a Shakespearian actor! Impressive? Well that's the second time that I'll be playing in the Macbeth play on stage.  I don't even know which role I'll be playing this time around.  We'll find everything in the afternoon at half past five.  Rehearsing is always a lot of fun.  Everybody is there: the actors (and actresses), the director, the costume designer... But the first time I was on stage was really frightening.  However it always goes smoothly afterwards - "nearly always".  And when I attended the Girls Kata Competion earlier this year (it was this year, right), I could totally understand how the girls were feeling upon performing before so many people.  Fortunately once on stage, you don't see any of the spectators.  But the first time is still intimidating to anybody.
The coolest part of playing in Macbeth the last time, was without doubt playing in front of the Bocage students.  They were applauding after each and every scene, let alone act.  Playing in front of the QEC gals wasn't bad either, I admit.  It's great when you see some of the girl spectators trying to catch a glimpse of you on your way to the actors' loudge (if it can be called a loudge) when the play is over.
I'm all alone at home.  Yeah!
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It seems strange that a shy guy like me can act on stage, let alone talk! But drama has helped me a lot, mainly with my pronunciation.  And there are many out there who would love to be in my place even if they aren't too keen on admitting.
Did I say that I'm currently writing my autobiography? Who on earth would want to read the autobiography of a nearing-17-year-old-teenager? Well it doesn't really matter.  It's not really an autobiography but rather an account of my writer's life.  I've been actively writing for over 2 years now so I thought that I was going to compile my experiences, doubts, mistakes and achievements.  Plus I'm going to write as things happen.  I mean it'll be like keeping a journal in some way and that's why I'll be putting it all on a blog as it happens.
I opened an account with the France2 blogging facilities and I'll be publishing the entries in both the original English version and French version.  It's so easy to translate English into French nowdays: just use Google's translator.  The final product isn't perfect so I'll have to proofread before actually pressing the "Publish" button.  But my French is so bad that I wonder how it'll all turn out to be.  Well, we'll see.
To the most important stuff of all for a teenage single boy like me, girls! Are you watching d.r.e.a.m on kd2a at 1215 p.m. everyday? The girls in there are really... well appealing, to put it mildly.  But did you see Frankie? She's so hot.  Her hair is simply so rocking great.  She isn't too prickly nor too silly but above all, she's not too sophisticated.  She's the simple girl but she still isn't like anybody else (am I making any sense), far from it.  And oh, what about her smile? Man, let's face it... she's really sexy.  And she dances really well, she has a beautiful voice and... and I can go on ranting about all of her qualities for years.
Also, d.r.e.a.m just released their cd with some of the songs that they sing in the series.  I have to get my hands on them.  Their songs ARE okay, aren't they?
Well I don't think I have much more to say.  I'll let you all know how the rehearsal turns out to be in my next entry - and god knows when that'll be! A question to you all: Do you want me to write weekly reports of the behind the scenes of a theatre play? I've been thinking about this for some time and I'm up to the challenge if you want to read about it.
Not Scientific Science over at backwash is doing good.  The latest column deals with number theories.  I really enjoyed writing this particular article so I suppose that's good.
Anyway see you and as Ravi always ends his never-ending posts over that the ShinKyo board (no offence Ravi),
Take care.
Bye.  I'll be thinking about you all.  I'll be back.
(You say: Oh SHUT UP!)
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