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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Olympics 7: Some "no to London" amongst the English

Well I never thought that would happen but maybe the journalists should interview this lady to know a little bit more about her views. I suppose a small minority of 0.00001% people in London will back her.
1244 BST: Saj Chowdhury, BBC Sport at Trafalgar Square
In an address on the big screen Tony Blair told the crowd in London "well done". Listening were a group, who work for a design agency who have helped with the bid, wearing cut-out Seb Coe masks. One of them, Matt Akex said: "We've got a day off workso I think we'll have a few drinks". Not all shared the sense of elation. Vannessa Fristetd holding a 'No to London' placard said: "I believe it will turn out for the worse.I think this is bad news".


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