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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Olympics 6: Message from Tony Blair

1333 BST: Tony Blair, Prime Minister
This is a momentous day for London. It's a great chance to develop sport and leave a legacy for the future. It was genuinely a team effort and Seb Coe and the team were just awesome throughout. For me it was easy coming in with the way that Seb and his team worked. They were focused and clever in every single aspect. It really shows what you can achieve if you work together. I couldn't bear to watch the final bit. I've been trying to work on the G8 stuff but my mind has been in two places today. I went for a walk and got a call from the switchboard. It's not often in this job that you punch the air and do a little jig and embrace the person next to you. It's a fantastic thing and I'm thrilled.


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