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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Olympics 13: The vote's figures

London's tears of joy
When New York was eliminated, their voters started voting for London and Paris but not much for Madrid.  Whereas the Madrid voters sticked to their original votes but saw Madrid go.
London: Thank You
First round
London 22
Paris 21
Madrid 20
New York 19
Moscow 15 (eliminated)
Second round
Madrid 32
London 27
Paris 25
New York 16 (eliminated)
Third round
London 39
Paris 33
Madrid 31 (eliminated)
Fourth round
London 54
Paris 50 (eliminated)
IOC members from countries with candidate cities were ineligible to vote while their candidates were still in contention.
bye bye for now.  i look forward to 2012 in London.  congrats to you guys.


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