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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Olympics 1: London 2012 no more a dream

I was following the vote in real time on the Internet.  Now that I have an ADSL connection, it's more than possible.  I was on the BBC's website from an hour ago and saw how the sites uploads as news come.  Cool.
Becks helping London
But what's even cooler is the Countdown to the big decision, a sort of blog by the BBC's reporters at different places on the planet; France, Uk and Singapore, where the voting was held and winner declared.
At 3.49 p.m. that is some 10 minutes from time of writing the London was declared winner and right now I'm still following the Countdown.  France is obviously very disappointed as they were the favourites right from the start.
Just before I publish, some 3 more stories have been published in 10 minutes about the London being elected as winner.  Call it instant Internet news.


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