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Thursday, June 23, 2005

My name on a title post of a blog

You might remember my posts about the blogs beep. Well thanks to beep (although undirectly - some credits do go to me) my name will appear for internity on this blog: New Media Hack.
The post focuses on the blog project beep but for the below reason, I'm featuring in it. Anyway here is the actual post itself.
Cassimally: Diggin beep
Digging through the logs for beep I ran across at least one satisfied customer. At 16 years of age, K. A. Cassimally might be a bit below the targeted demographic but the enthusiasm for the project is encouraging.

And it's always neat to get shout outs from Mauritius!!
bmd at June 5, 2005 12:18 PM
It's always nice to read ones name on the web specially when somebody else wrote it! Plus this particular entry is the number1 search result on Google for "cassimally." Indeed I do google my surname from time to time.
Anyway wanting to know more about New Media Hack and the author of the above post, I went to alexa.com and found that the site is ranked 4085th. Very good for me! And about the author, well you can find his self-written 'About us [me],' here. He's a university guy; lecturer in journalism (a field of specialisation of some sort) if I'm not mistaken.
Not to brag or anything: am I becoming popular?


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