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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Keeping in touch

Man, this year is really a pain in the ass.  Really! I always thought that Lower 6 would be the most interesting year in college but how wrong was I.  Wait a minute; what am I saying?
Lower 6 is a cool year... except for the education part.  Ha, it's true to say that Lower 6 is the year when you're really at ease at school.  You become friends with the teachers and the latter actually do take you seriously.  Because when you're in Lower 6 you've become a big boy.
Funny but I have a strange feeling that in 5 year's time, I'll say that Lower 6 teenagers are still too young people.
This year was full of extra-curricular activities - for me at least.  First I was greatly involved in RCPL's first periodic newsletter.  I eventually quit but I have good memories of my time there.  In addition there are also some other stuff at school which maybe only Form 6 students realise are worth coming to school for.
Examples? Well the physics teacher of course! About 28, plum face, light brown hair, brown eyes but married with a newborn baby.  The thing is that in Lower 6, ironically the guys aren't as obsessed with girls as they used to be in Form 4 for instance.  Are we becoming more mature? Creepy thought men!
About the studies.  Well that's the big problem, isn't it? 5 subjects - 4 as principals and 1 as subsidiary - but hey, the syllabus is way bulkier than they were last year.  Maths is starting to become cool.  It's a bit different than Add Maths in the sense that you have to use your common sense a little bit more.
Chemistry and biology rock but there's much to learn.  As for physics, well I'm starting to get a grip at things at last.  I thought I was dead and buried in physics.
Apart from the school, there's been writing.  I won't brag about this much but I'm getting the sensation that the creativity boom I had since about a year ago is slowly starting to fade away.  I just hope that it doesn't all end up in another writer's block.  That would be a real blow indeed.  I guess I'll have to find some time to write a little bit more.
No, I'm not writing as much as before.  In fact, I think my editor at the bbc.co.uk is going to fire me if I continue this way.  I'm supposed to send her a column once a week but the rate is closing more towards the biweekly mark.  But on the positive aspect of things, for once I have a clear idea of the subject for my next column: the science of stargate.  Sounds great, doesn't it? I'll let you know when I finish writing about it.  In fact I've only just started the research work!
And one last thing, I've been given the responsibility of a very famous newsletter at backwash.com called Twisted & Wacky.  You might want to check it out.  It has about 900 subscribers, making it one of the most popular newsletters over at the site, if not THE MOST POPULAR.  I was a bit strained about the number of subscribers the newsletter has but I accepted the job! But I'm still intimidated.  Maybe I'll publish my first issue next week.
[album listened to while writing this entry: (first 8 tracks + 3 more tracks while editing this entry before publishing)_Not Going Anywhere_Keren Ann]


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