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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Best designed logos: my view

Tennessee Aquarium
designed by Chermayeff & Geismar, Inc.
Tennesse Aquarium logo
This logo isn't particularly beautiful to me.  But it is stricking by its design.  The way the designers have managed to blend all those aquatic animals is extraordinary.  I just don't like the colors though.
Brand Australia
designed by FutureBrand Australia
Brand Australia logo
This logo uses a technique called blow out.  It's a simply great and eye-catching design.  Couldn't done better.
designed by A & Company
Total logo
The best logo I've seen for some time.  The logo uses these colours to combine the flagship colours of Total, Fina and Elf to represent the merger of these 3 European petroleum giants.  Definetely my favourite logo.
The Bank of New York
designed by Lippincott Mercer
Bank of New York logo
Not really my type of logo but I have to admit that for banking stuff it fits.  Reminds me of stamp designs though!
designed by Critheorian
Water.com logo
It's good; no it's definetely great.  Of course the message relates to the PC and water.  Meaning a website that deals with water.  Go to Water.com to check whether I figured it all out.  One of the new generation logos.
designed by Landor and Associates
Nielsen logo
A simple logo but just one question.  Would you have thought about such a design?
Total System Services - DotsConnect
designed by MonigleAssociates, Inc.
DotsConnect logo
Quickly becoming a classic type of new logos.  This one is cool but I have yet to figure out if it'll always stay in my head.  Or will it evaporate as quickly as it came? If that's so, then maybe the logo isn't that extraordinary but till then...
designed by Landor and Associates
Metabolife logo
Making a butterfly with leaves can't be an easy think to think of.  The colours match exactly with the life-biology-ecology thing and... well the logo is very good indeed.
designed by Landor and Associates
Everland logo
Cool logo! I wonder what more can be created out of leaves.  However maybe they should have worked a little more with the colours.  Or is it just me who doesn't like purple?
designed by Miles Newlyn
3 logo
Futuristic logo or present day logo? In fact the so-called futuristic logos have just become a type of logo.  Because these type of logo is clearly for this new generation.  God knows what logos we'll see 25 years from now.
Design Machine - Art Directors Club
designed by Art Directors Club, New York
Design Machine logo
A "Y" or a cube? Fiugure it out by yourself.  Again a simple logo but with a lot of thought behind.
photo courtesy: Good Design USA


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