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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

That's my blog, right? 28/06

[music: mash up Boulvard of Broken Dreams & Wonderwall_GreenDay & Oasis]
It's been a really long since I last wrote a decent entry: about 2 weeks I think.  Believe me I long for "those" times though.  Really I would love to sit and write all day long but the problem is that I can't because school has been driving me mad these days.
Silence in the house.  Everybody is in bed except me!
[music: Wonderwall_What's the Story Morning Glory_Oasis]
School is becoming more and more hectic these days.  It'll be a miracle if I have a week without tests or assignments.  Like this week, on Friday a bunch of friends and I will have to present a sort of expose on Mass Spectrometer for our chemistry class in front of the class.  That's a problem in itself as we already had some practice speaking in front of the class this term when we presented an expose on "Transport system and Traffic control in Mauritius" for GP class.
Speaking of the exposes, it's amazing how I always end up to be the leader of my group.  Take the GP expose, I was ultimately chosen as team leader and as for the chemistry one, well I am the self-proclaimed leader but nobody was against this.  Being a self-proclaimed leader when the other members are ok with it, is a good thing but what surprises me is how I automatically took the role of the leader.  Seems like instinctively really.  Maybe that's because I'm the elder brother.
Being the only one awake in the house makes you feel all grown-up
[music: Don't go away_Oasis]
Anyway during these 2 weeks, some interesting stuff happened.  Firstly as you might have noticed, my music has evolved.  The collection has literally swelled and it's no more Avril Lavigne exclusively.  In fact I can't even recall when was the last time I listened to her music.
I'm currently listening to Oasis.  I always liked their music - since I was 11 I think.  And now thanks to those extremely handy Peer to Peer software (Kazaa being the most popular example), I have about 14 tracks of Oasis.  Not bad for a start.
But here's my collection:
-Avril Lavigne (both albums)
-Evanescence (both albums)
-Oasis (songs from different albums)
-Within Temptation (3 albums)
-Keren Ann (1 album)
-KEANE (1/1 album)
-Kyo (2nd album)
-The Corrs (songs from a different albums)
-Maroon5 (1 album)
-Nickelback (1 album)
-Moby (coming up...)
-White Hot Stripes (coming up...)
Dogs howling outside.  Creepy.
[music: You remind me_Silver side up_Nickelback]
The best of all out of these is without doubt KEANE's "Somewhere only we know." I know the song by heart and I didn't even google for the lyrics to print them; quiet an achievement for me in any case.  Moby (remember "Lift me up, lift me up, higher nywamba") and White Hot Stripes are coming up.  I discovered the latter while foliating the pages of my friend's Newsweek magazine.  They seem a cool duo but I just hope that they aren't of the hard rock type.  And by the way Newsweek sucks.
The most dissapointing artist of my lot though is surely Nickelback.  Apart from "You remind me" I find it hard to appreciate the other tracks.  Mind you, I didn't even listen to all of them.
Apart from music, there's the pass (student's identity card) incident.  Yep, I indeed lost my pass 2 weeks ago.  You do know how the FBI agents in films (well in reality too I am told) introduce themselves, right? Taking out a wallet from their pockets and showing their gold badge.  Well this is a cool thing to do.  Well my wallet has a special part where one can store a whatever-card.  My pass took this place.
Well 2 weeks ago, while my nisa was fort, I don't know why but I decided to do like the FBI agents.  I took my wallet from my pocket and flew it open.  And out went the pass...
To my utter surprise and shock/dismay/whatever you like, the pass flew out of the window and to nowhere's land.  Now the probability that the pass flew out the wallet and out throught the window was minimal, like 10% or even less but there you go.
No need to tell you how my friends took the joke out of me.  Zot ti pe trappe vente, riE.
It's getting colder and colder.
[music: (Track01)_Silent Force_Within Temptation]
Anyway I finally got another pass made and I won't need to pay a full bus fare anymore till I leave secondary school at least.  Well to get a new pass was an all other episode.  I'll just say that the government sucks.
But don't think that Labour will be any better.  Well they will be better because you can't get any worst than this government.  And yes, Labour is clearly winning: not 60-0 but my guess is 40-20.  Well we'll see.
Vote Lalit (no kidding or anything).  Was I paid to say this? You want to bet?

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Google Earth launched + FREE

This was a complete secret until its launch. Just like any other day, when I connect to the Internet, I open 3 tabs in Firefox namely GMail, backwash.com and hi5.com. And then I wait for my RSS feeds (still in my Firefox browser) to load and check for any cool updates. On of those feeds are from John Battelle's Searchblog. He's a very popular blogger and blogs about search engines and blogs.
Well he hadn't reported anything about such a Google release. This means that he didn't find any other sources who fought about it - thus not reporting it - or he himself didn't forsee this. In short, nobody saw this coming.
But back to Google Earth. This is a fantastic piece of software. Dad, being a civil engineer, has this sort of programs on his PC at work and I've always dreamed of having one for me. REALLY! And now it's more than possible. Because with a click I can get Google Earth on my PC - obviously it's free.
The idea is simple. It’s a globe that sits inside your PC. You point and zoom to anyplace on the planet that you want to explore. Satellite images and local facts zoom into view. Tap into Google search to show local points of interest and facts. Zoom to a specific address to check out an apartment or hotel. View driving directions and even fly along your route.
Google Earth
This is so great an idea that Google had here. Unfortunately it's only a huge map of the US. Maybe we should all email them and ask them to release the internetional version quickly.
However you need a 128kps connection to be able to utilize it properly. And as you know, I'm still on 40kps for the time being but I'm finally shifting to ADSL 128kps in a week. Cool! Plus I don't know why they're hiding the size of the software. I even started downloading in on my dial-up just to check the size but it stated that the size is unknown! Strange.
To finish in style, let me just say that Google ROCKS! As usual.
Add-on: Be sure that I'll review this software when I download it.

Friday, June 24, 2005

SEx - Science Explained Forum

SEx Science Explained in a friendly fashion
It's new and it's great plus I'm contributing with this project. You basically ask anything science-related and there are 'Experts' who'll answer and throw some links. A bit like Google Answers but free and not answered by professionals but rather by people who have gained a bit of experience.
We have a team of people from the h2g2 community who have knowledge and experience from many different scientific disciplines and we're all ready and willing to answer your queries. We will do our best to answer in language appropriate to you, in a non-threatening way and where possible, using everyday life references.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

My name on a title post of a blog

You might remember my posts about the blogs beep. Well thanks to beep (although undirectly - some credits do go to me) my name will appear for internity on this blog: New Media Hack.
The post focuses on the blog project beep but for the below reason, I'm featuring in it. Anyway here is the actual post itself.
Cassimally: Diggin beep
Digging through the logs for beep I ran across at least one satisfied customer. At 16 years of age, K. A. Cassimally might be a bit below the targeted demographic but the enthusiasm for the project is encouraging.

And it's always neat to get shout outs from Mauritius!!
bmd at June 5, 2005 12:18 PM
It's always nice to read ones name on the web specially when somebody else wrote it! Plus this particular entry is the number1 search result on Google for "cassimally." Indeed I do google my surname from time to time.
Anyway wanting to know more about New Media Hack and the author of the above post, I went to alexa.com and found that the site is ranked 4085th. Very good for me! And about the author, well you can find his self-written 'About us [me],' here. He's a university guy; lecturer in journalism (a field of specialisation of some sort) if I'm not mistaken.
Not to brag or anything: am I becoming popular?

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Your chance to help the scientific community

Take the MIT Weblog Survey
It's simple and fast as far as you're a blogger - and have a blog - you can help the MIT!

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Twisted & Wacky

I just published my first issue of the ultra-popular backwash newsletter, Twisted & Wacky.

The Internet mapped

What is this? The map of the internet of course. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

ebay's social network - and the backwash link (#2)

Bay buddies - ebay social network
photo courtesy: baybuddies.com
After NIKE's announcement that they have created a social network - using backwash's Sparta - there's ebay that's coming. The social network is due to be officially launched tomorrow.
So to all ebay fans: enjoy!
And to backwash fans: we'll be getting more and more popular!

Spam reported

Yep. The first spam on K-Media has been reported today, 15 June 2005 at 17 15. I immediately deleted it but I admit that there weren't anything bad.
Anonymous said...
A bunch of hyperlinks to other Blogger blogs. Well they're just trying to get traffic but K-Media isn't what we can define as popular... not yet at least.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Cool StarGate SG-1

Don't lie. StarGate is cool. And so is this design. Posted by Hello

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Best designed logos: my view

Tennessee Aquarium
designed by Chermayeff & Geismar, Inc.
Tennesse Aquarium logo
This logo isn't particularly beautiful to me.  But it is stricking by its design.  The way the designers have managed to blend all those aquatic animals is extraordinary.  I just don't like the colors though.
Brand Australia
designed by FutureBrand Australia
Brand Australia logo
This logo uses a technique called blow out.  It's a simply great and eye-catching design.  Couldn't done better.
designed by A & Company
Total logo
The best logo I've seen for some time.  The logo uses these colours to combine the flagship colours of Total, Fina and Elf to represent the merger of these 3 European petroleum giants.  Definetely my favourite logo.
The Bank of New York
designed by Lippincott Mercer
Bank of New York logo
Not really my type of logo but I have to admit that for banking stuff it fits.  Reminds me of stamp designs though!
designed by Critheorian
Water.com logo
It's good; no it's definetely great.  Of course the message relates to the PC and water.  Meaning a website that deals with water.  Go to Water.com to check whether I figured it all out.  One of the new generation logos.
designed by Landor and Associates
Nielsen logo
A simple logo but just one question.  Would you have thought about such a design?
Total System Services - DotsConnect
designed by MonigleAssociates, Inc.
DotsConnect logo
Quickly becoming a classic type of new logos.  This one is cool but I have yet to figure out if it'll always stay in my head.  Or will it evaporate as quickly as it came? If that's so, then maybe the logo isn't that extraordinary but till then...
designed by Landor and Associates
Metabolife logo
Making a butterfly with leaves can't be an easy think to think of.  The colours match exactly with the life-biology-ecology thing and... well the logo is very good indeed.
designed by Landor and Associates
Everland logo
Cool logo! I wonder what more can be created out of leaves.  However maybe they should have worked a little more with the colours.  Or is it just me who doesn't like purple?
designed by Miles Newlyn
3 logo
Futuristic logo or present day logo? In fact the so-called futuristic logos have just become a type of logo.  Because these type of logo is clearly for this new generation.  God knows what logos we'll see 25 years from now.
Design Machine - Art Directors Club
designed by Art Directors Club, New York
Design Machine logo
A "Y" or a cube? Fiugure it out by yourself.  Again a simple logo but with a lot of thought behind.
photo courtesy: Good Design USA

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

KEANE is simply the best

It's the first time that I've been so hoked to an album that I'm even bothering to write about it.  I noticed KEANE late really.  I saw two of their clips (Somewhere Only we Know & Everybody's Changing - I think).  They were nice - really nice - but most importantly so was the music.
KEANE's Hopes and Fears
photo courtesy:  www.ooodoggy.com
Good music and great lyrics plus the last track of their album, Hopes and Fears is really cool.  They've brended the best tracks of the album into one track and it's pretty cool.
My advice to you if you haven't bought the album yet: go out there and take out your wallet man.  It won't be wasted money.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

NIKE's latest social network - and the backwash link

There's big news today.  Well you probably know that I write for a website called backwash.com - I've been ranting about it for so long.  Well backwash.com launched a social network software called Sparta at the end of December last year, I think.  They've been looking for partners and they managed to get a good bunch of them as well, including popular teen website Swirve.
NIKE running
But now NIKE runnining has partnered with Sparta and thus backwash.  I can't wait to find how the number of visitors of backwash.com will include.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

I'm becoming a reporter

Today was the first Rose Hill competition of the ShinKyokushinkai Karate Mauritius.  Being part of the group, I've been asked to write an article about the tournament.  Not a big thing to you maybe but it's my first on-field reporting.  And I'm really flattered to have been asked about to do this.
I did a couple of interviews with the medalists and they really seem surprised to be interviewed actually.  In the beginning, I have to admit that I was a little bit stressed about going for the interviews but once I did the first interview - with the Girls Kata Competition winners - it felt better and I had full confidence.
I swear that I'll never throw the pen I used during the interviews and which is going to be used for the writing of the article away.
A souvenir.
UPDATE: I think it's going to be posted on the ShinKyokushinkai official Mauritian website (the site was being revamped at time of posting), but I'm not sure.  We'll wait and see.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Keeping in touch

Man, this year is really a pain in the ass.  Really! I always thought that Lower 6 would be the most interesting year in college but how wrong was I.  Wait a minute; what am I saying?
Lower 6 is a cool year... except for the education part.  Ha, it's true to say that Lower 6 is the year when you're really at ease at school.  You become friends with the teachers and the latter actually do take you seriously.  Because when you're in Lower 6 you've become a big boy.
Funny but I have a strange feeling that in 5 year's time, I'll say that Lower 6 teenagers are still too young people.
This year was full of extra-curricular activities - for me at least.  First I was greatly involved in RCPL's first periodic newsletter.  I eventually quit but I have good memories of my time there.  In addition there are also some other stuff at school which maybe only Form 6 students realise are worth coming to school for.
Examples? Well the physics teacher of course! About 28, plum face, light brown hair, brown eyes but married with a newborn baby.  The thing is that in Lower 6, ironically the guys aren't as obsessed with girls as they used to be in Form 4 for instance.  Are we becoming more mature? Creepy thought men!
About the studies.  Well that's the big problem, isn't it? 5 subjects - 4 as principals and 1 as subsidiary - but hey, the syllabus is way bulkier than they were last year.  Maths is starting to become cool.  It's a bit different than Add Maths in the sense that you have to use your common sense a little bit more.
Chemistry and biology rock but there's much to learn.  As for physics, well I'm starting to get a grip at things at last.  I thought I was dead and buried in physics.
Apart from the school, there's been writing.  I won't brag about this much but I'm getting the sensation that the creativity boom I had since about a year ago is slowly starting to fade away.  I just hope that it doesn't all end up in another writer's block.  That would be a real blow indeed.  I guess I'll have to find some time to write a little bit more.
No, I'm not writing as much as before.  In fact, I think my editor at the bbc.co.uk is going to fire me if I continue this way.  I'm supposed to send her a column once a week but the rate is closing more towards the biweekly mark.  But on the positive aspect of things, for once I have a clear idea of the subject for my next column: the science of stargate.  Sounds great, doesn't it? I'll let you know when I finish writing about it.  In fact I've only just started the research work!
And one last thing, I've been given the responsibility of a very famous newsletter at backwash.com called Twisted & Wacky.  You might want to check it out.  It has about 900 subscribers, making it one of the most popular newsletters over at the site, if not THE MOST POPULAR.  I was a bit strained about the number of subscribers the newsletter has but I accepted the job! But I'm still intimidated.  Maybe I'll publish my first issue next week.
[album listened to while writing this entry: (first 8 tracks + 3 more tracks while editing this entry before publishing)_Not Going Anywhere_Keren Ann]