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Friday, April 29, 2005

We're still in hols but school already sucks!

Today I received a letter from school.  No actually, my dad received a letter from my school.  But to cut the story short, I opened the envelope, read the letter, replaced it back into the envelope and even glued the latter.  Don't you dare 'raport' mwa!
Anyway, school wrote to inform my parents that as from now, report books have to be collected by parents, at the school premises.  What the hell do they think they're doing? Aren't we old enough to collect our own exam results?
Not that I haven't worked well this past term.  In fact, I produced my best performance since I arrived to this institution, more than 5 years ago - since Form1.
But this rector - rectrice - is really pissing us all off.  By 'all,' I mean students of course.  She such a... oh there's no word to describe it.  She an imbecile, moron, cretin, changeling and other words that I prefer not write here.  Does she think that parents have nothing to do just like her.  They, contrarily to you, go to work to actually get something done, madam! Because you definetely bring your butt to work to keep it hot in your armchair, in your office 'climatisE.'
There's something that I have noticed this year.  The 'star schools' all have rectors as stupid as the other.  Are they competing for a prize or what? Coze there surely aren't any worst-off cases around for sure.  Here at RCPL, there's Kushiram, a minister's sister-in-law or something.  At RCC, there's Uteem's family - a woman as well.  At DMC, there's another bullshit of a woman, I hear.  At QEC... well dunno but god'll spare them if they don't have an imbecile!
Poor women! You've surely noticed that all of the above are rectrice.  Talking about equality of the sexes, euh? My foot yes.


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