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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Watch yourself draw... your own drawing

Art.com's artPad is amazingly cute and interesting to use.  Draw something, anything and then watch how you moved paintbrush/pencil (which is in fact mouse at your place) to do the drawing.  One more thing: you can actually send the picture-in-progress to a friend.  No attachments or anything but only a simple link.  Because in addtion, artPad saves your picture-in-progress on the server so that anyone can access it from the internet.
The only minor pitfall is that with a slow dial-up like mine, it takes about 10min to load the thing so that you can actually use it.  It's no big deal of a problem for me though because I use FireFox, which has the power of tabs.  Meaning that I visit a multitude of website simultaneously.  Not much waiting afterall!


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