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Thursday, April 14, 2005

My message to backwash

When I came to backwash, about one and a half years ago, I thought it was a cool place with great columns - it still is.

But now that I form part of the 'inside' of backwash, I realise that the site has not progressed since then; in fact it seems to have deteriorated. Many of you will not be happy with this thought but that's what I think.

For instance, let's take today when I published my column. I had to wrestle for about 20min just to get that damn writing published! I had all sorts of problems with bw not wanting to load the pics and all. Before it wasn't like that, was it?

To me, the deterioration process started the moment the new social network was released. Don't ask me how it fits all, I don't know. Ask Ringy. But he's probably too busy.

Backwash was the place where I started writing science. My writing has evolved since then - although I'm far behind many of my fellow columnists here - and I don't want to see the site dead! But the way it seems to be heading...

As you might have realised, I am not at all happy with the site at the moment. And leaving backwash is definetely on my mind right now. I am not threatening anyone but maybe I'll stick around for a month or two unless the site gains back its prestige. Only then will I be proud to form part of this family.


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