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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Liverpool FC into the semis

Yes, yes and double yes! Today in the early morning, the final whistle was blown by the referee.  The score was 0-0.  But on aggregate, Liverpool FC win 2-1 thanks to their amazing home performance back home at Anfield Road in Merseyside a week ago.  So what?
Man, have I told you that I'm a huge Liverpool FC fan? Has been since I was 6 I think.  Anyway back to the match.  Actually I have to admit that luck was on our side.  Juventus are about as strong as Liverpool FC but their problem is that they are afraid to attack.  Football is a game where the team which has scored the most is declared the winner but ironically Juventus - and most other Italian side - prefer not to concede rather than try to score.  They are dangerous when they counter-attack and even had a ball strick the post to be saved seconds later by the Liverpool FC keeper off the line.
And Juventus only had to win the game 1-0 to pass through to the semis.  They couldn't score because a football team cannot be afraid to attack.  Afterall the best defence is attack.  For now, come on Chelsea FC!


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