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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

The Lego world as seen by BBC

It's official!!! Lego® is the best plastic product ever made.  This does bring old memories back.  Remember when you built your first Lego® house? Or the Lego® car? The power of Lego® is that it relies on the user's creativity rather than the product's creativity itself.  Because let's face it! What is Lego®? A simple plastic brick.  It is the user who fits the bricks into one another to create a special something.  Lego® is like drawing but the lines are the bricks.
Lego's Bionicle series
The BBC News Magazine has an article about Lego® and its vulnerability.  The title asks whether Lego® is losing ground to computer gadgets.  And to my surprise, the article - and thus the BBC - seems to be siding to the fact that Lego® is NOT in real danger.
But the author of the article seems to have based his entire research on one people/company: Tania Williamson, Lego®'s PR manager! Is this really good journalism? I mean of course, Lego®'s PR will say that Lego has a future in the toy world.
Why not go out there and interview children? Ask them and not Lego®'s PR, right BBC?


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