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Thursday, April 07, 2005

It's my blog, right? 7/04

Actually this post is just an excuse to be on the computer, which in turn is an excuse to listen to Avril Lavigne. Don't try to understand! [dad just came back home... song: "I'm with you"] Anyway today was a rather cool day. Woke up at 06h15 as usual. First thing I did was switch on my mobile phone. And yeah we're in the modern era after all, aren't we? [dad just came to say hello... song: "Mobile"] I've been switching my mobile on the very minute I wake up since last week actually. To check text messages of course. From whom? Ruwaydah - my girlfriend. And today a message actually arrived when I swtiched the cellphone on. She was wishing me luck for my chemistry assignment that was due for midday. Had my last chemistry assignment of the term today - actually the last assignment of the whole term itself, hey. I have to get at least 25/30 to get an overall A in chemistry. I thought that it would be a difficult thing to achieve but surprisingly after I sat for the test, I realised that it was not an impossibility! But still... Many of my friends found the test difficult. And I didn't; well it wasn't really that hard. Good thing? Well usually if you think that you worked great for a test, it may mean two things: either you really did great or you are so stupid that you didn't even realise that you may well have failed the test! Let's just hope that I wasn't that bad. Of course this period of exams also paradoxically mean that the teachers are returning our past tests' answer sheets with the mark printed in red on top of it. Well today I got my biology paper back today. I revised much for this particular test; 3h in a single day, I think. When I received the paper, I saw a big 38/52 on it. That was a shock! Only 38! The friend who sits next to me had 45. That couldn't be. Although 38 was one of the top marks obtained, I wasn't that satisfied. And indeed, I was right not to be happy. The teacher had completely forgotten to correct on complete question (which holded 6 marks). At the end of the day, I had a nice 43/52 printed on my paper. Much better! Heading for A in biology as well then. [dad asking whether I can give him a 'porte-clef'... song: "Things I'll never say"] And yeah, Ruwaydah 'miss called' me during my third break at college. I called her back only to get her, to more or less reject my call. But she phoned after school when I was in the bus heading for tuition. Just wanted to hear my voice. And she also told me that she loves me, which is always great to hear. Finally back at home at about 16h30. Watched the 3rd episode of Charmed on DVD and then FullMetal Alchemist on Canal+. That's a pretty cool manga which is getting very complex. I sometimes ask myslef whether the creators actually know how the plot will end. I do think that they are just playing with it and letting it to flow. Anyway, had to listen to Avril. Pardon me but that's why I did this whole lot of ranting. And if you read the title of this post, you'll find a tiny little date. Maybe there'll be more posts of this type in the future then. Ha! Take care and stay connected if you suffer from insomnia: cause that's the cure!


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