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Monday, April 25, 2005

It's my blog right? 25/04

Ok everybody! Haven't written for some time and I thought you waited enough for an update.  No actually, I wanted to take a little break from K-Media but then there were a lot of other small complications which entangled with the maze of my paranomia.  Does this sentence even make sense?
[mum and dad downstairs watching Lion King one and a half... song: Don't tell me-Avril Lavigne]
Today was a cool day! We, that is to say friends from the Rose Hill Shin KyokushinKai karate group and myself, went to Chamarel's Adventure Park.  It was really great; really.  The atmosphere of teenage people 'partying' was at its climax! The entrace fee wasn't insignificant though: MUR400! And that's a discount as we went in a big group - 22 people.  The normal price for a person older than 12y is MUR950! Man, can you believe this? I mean, it was real fun and all but MUR950 is really a little bit high.
[brother pacing up and down in the corridor, pissing me off... song: How does it feel-Avril Lavigne]
The Adventure Park had some great activities.  Basically you have to walk on dancing ropes from one side to the other.  For me, the coolest activity was the last one of all.  There were 4 ropes dangling up and down, side to side, back and fro, whatever.  To cross the damn thing you had to walk on the 2 bottom ropes and hold the 2 higher ones.  Seems easy? But it's not exactly that easy though! I was doing the acrobat stuff with a friend and the interesting thing when you work in pair is that you actually have to work in pair!  Because when the guy falls or even loses his balance the ropes get all 'excited' and hell, you fall as well; at least if you're not prepared.  And of course when you fall, he'll fall as well.  Cool!
But again what I thought was really cool about the Adventure Park was the atmosphere.  We were all teasing each other and laughing and... damn it was a cool day.  I feel so sorry for the people who have to go to tuition at 8.30 a.m tomorrow to do Chemical Energetics! Good luck, gal.
I almost forgot that the day didn't end just then.  After Adventure Park, we went to the beach, more precisely at Tamarin.  The sea was great.  Optimum temperature and yet only a handful of swimmers from our group.  I can't understand how people can go to the seaside in a real sunny day and yet manage not to have some crawls in the sea.
Well after Tamarin, it was Plaza again.  Everybody seemed happy but maybe a little tired.  However instead of taking the bus, I walked all the way home.  About 25min away! My 'nisa' was most probably at its highest.  (For you guys who can't read creole, 'nisa' is the pinnacle of joy, excitement and joy-de-vivre, without the intermediate of sex.)
And oh, a tiny last thing.  Mo crowre mone crak mo lipied badly! Hurting with every step I take.
May hi5 welcome me as I welcome thee.  Maybe I'm just a little out of my mind.
[i think that my world is utopia!... song: Fall to pieces-Avril Lavigne]


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