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Friday, April 08, 2005

Dictionary game

Ok, here's the game. I open the dictionary, search randomly of a couple of words that I've never heard of before and make a paragraph, which includes the words. bevy: a gathering or group, especially of girls of women. consul: an official sent to live in a foreign country to look after the people from his or her own country that live there. forsake: to desert, abandon or give up someone or something. haphazard: random of not planned. jut: to stick out Ali worked as a consul for the People's Republic of China. He was not married and always had a bevy of giggling teenage girls on his back. Did that make him a proud man? Not exactly. Ali always thought that males should forsake the female 'race,' as he puts it. Ali's philosphy was indeed that women were inferior than man and that the former had no importance at all except to be mothers. But his fans didn't mind his way of seeing things. "His life is just too haphazard," said one of them. "I just hope he would give us a smile though," added another. Ali died on the 23rd October 1987, when he commited suicide. Nobody really knew why he did it but he something was for sure: he would be greatly mourned and certainly by that girl who said, her red eyes full of tears, "His house's roof juts over the wall. He just slipped and fell and..." She broke off. Ali was an icon and yet because of his way of thinking, he had to be remembered as the biggest git that the world had ever seen. I'm rather satisfied actually. I'm sure it's not top-class but still. It isn't really bad, right?


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