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Friday, April 29, 2005

Columns published!

So I finally updated Petz! at backwash.com after an absence of 3 months.  And I'm really proud of this last column.  In case you don't know, Petz is the life of my imaginary dog, PetSci.  In short, it's life from another point of view.  In this last column, PetSci describes the introduction of another imaginary dog named Hugo.  He hates him but through his sarcasm writing and funny manners, will he be able to accept his true feelings for Hugo?
And also Not Scientific Science was rocking at backwash.com during this past 2 weeks! And the thing is that it had the same column for these 2 weeks.  The 'famous' column was about synaesthetes, those people who can taste colours, hear shapes and all.  Maybe you should go and read it too then! Anyway, today I published a new column today about how a cluster of some atom can act as a completely new element.
The column also appears at bbc.co.uk The h2g2 Post in the latest issue of the publication.
And don't forget, if you have any ideas for my columns, think of dropping me a note.  Thanks in advance!
P.S.  Did this post really seem much like self-promotion?


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