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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

A Google puzzle answered - sort of.

Google posted this on its blog. Why do they always seem to know how to make people feel like they're a simple company! Anyway you can find the answer by connecting to the website hyperlinked to at the end of this post.

As a little bonus for my fellow employees who were around during the winter, I held a little on-campus contest. I took 130 photographs of things around the buildings and challenged people to identify them and go to the location, where they'd then have to find a little hidden sticker with a letter on it. They'd email the letter to me to confirm that they found the location. I thought our blog readers might find it interesting to identify what's in these photographs, which were some of the more challenging pictures.
-Wei-Hwa Huang, Software Engineer
Cvaonyy znpuvar (Onyyl "Fcrpgehz"). Neebj sebz n "Bar Jnl" fgerrg fvta.Jngre obggyrf (FznegJngre Fcbeg).
Cbby gnoyr cbpxrg, nf ivrjrq sebz orybj.Fgevatf vafvqr n onol tenaq cvnab.Hfrq pbagnvaref sbe Vyyl Rfcerffb.
Fgneg ohggba sbe ivqrb tnzr znpuvar.Lryybj (nzore) fgerrg yvtug."Ivfvgbe Ybool" fvta nf ivrjrq sebz vafvqr.
To decode the fuzzy text, copy the annotations and paste them at this site.


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