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Friday, December 31, 2004

My 2004 posts in review

Here's what a posted in 2004. I thought that there would be more Google stuff though. Google: 6 posts FireFox: 2 posts Charmed: 3 posts My stuff: 14 posts Others: 6 posts All these stats start from Aug 2004 till this post.

Thursday, December 30, 2004

Other Google stuff for me!

I made a list of all the Google stuff I use about a week ago. Well it just got bigger! I'm now a member of Orkut, Google's social community. Invites are available so you can always email me it you're interested. GMail invites are also available. Email: kcassimally at gmail dot com

Tsunami Relief

Well Google just got even better! It now features its own help page on its homepage. Click here to visit.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Tsunami - please go and help

I beg you, please visit this blog. And try to help where possible.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

FireFox OFFICIAL blog

You know Google Blog but what about FireFox blog? By the way, I downloaded the browser - couldn't resist. It's real good. I'm hoping that version 2.0 will get even better.

FireFox and Mozilla

I just realised that there isn't only Google which has an expanded view for the future. Mozilla, developer of FireFox (internet explorer) is also a great 'company' which wants to become big - and it is already big. Download their internat browser, FireFox here. I haven't checked it out personally but I saw it at work and it seems great. I'll give you an update on this matter in a week most probably when I'll download the browser.

Get Firefox!

Monday, December 27, 2004

Observations on Google Print Falling Down on the Job

Well doesn't look like Google is perfect. One of their numerous BETA sites, Google Print, isn't up to the standards according to these writers. They say that Google is not responding and that they are taking too much time before processing their books and all. Evidently Google Print is in the Beta stage--BETA with capital letters, that is! It has been about a month since Google Print received both my books, but they do not appear in Google results. Books are supposed to appear when one does a search in Google on: Books on (title here). If one searches on any subject, not many books appear, period, meaning that Google has not scanned in many books yet. So far I've had to re-enter my tax information because Google Print lost it, or deleted it. Also, a week after I sent my books, their status went from Pending to Processed. Then, however, one book dropped back to Pending. It is the one book with pictures, so I'm thinking that perhaps Google did not think their scans of pictures were satisfactory. Perhaps Google Print ran into copyright and Fair-Use Act difficulties. Who knows?! Because I emailed Google Print several days ago and they still have not responded back. Google Print needs to send out a mass-mailing saying, "Hey, we screwed up, and it's going to take us three weeks to work through the backlog we created for ourselves. Sorry!" Yoel Natan Yoel eventually got a reply afterwards informing him that 1 of his books has now been processed. But what about the other one?

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Harry Potter 6 finally!

Well we waited for so long and finally, the release date has been announced: 16 July 2005. Now the thing is to wait for 7 whole, big and juicy months! The thing is that it's already become the best-seller on Amazon, hours after pre-orders have been accepted! There's the link.

Monday, December 20, 2004

column stuff

When you think of it, I have to write a science column at least twice per month. Where and how I find what I'll write mystifies me. But I think that now that I'm a columnist, I'm more aware of science news and I hear what I wouldn't've hear if I wasn't a columnist, if you know what I mean.

Monday, December 13, 2004

Google stuff

My last post made me think. What Google stuff do I actually have on my PC or am using regularly. Here's the list then: 1. GMail account 2. Blogger account 3. Google search 4. Google Blog 5. Google Groups 6. Google Desktop search (downloaded) 7. GMail notifier (downloaded) 8. Google Toolbar (downloaded) Well that's much. There are more of these Google stuff on their site. Like calculator, dictionary definition and translator. Just try them.

Google Suggest

As you all probably know, I'm and will always remain a great Google fan. I have a GMail account, the Google toolbar, the GMail notifier and... well that's about all. Oh yes; I also read the Google Blog. Well it's at the Google Blog that I learned that the search engine company has launched a new service named Google Suggest. It basically provides you with results that you may be wanting to search before you have actually typed the complete word or phrase. Here's how Google itself described this new service. "We've found that Google Suggest not only makes it easier to type in your favorite searches (let's face it -- we're all a little lazy), but also gives you a playground to explore what others are searching about, and learn about things you haven't dreamt of."

Friday, December 10, 2004


It's been some time that I use GMail and I'm really very satisfied with it. I have some invites so if you're interested don't hesistate to email me and I'll send you one. You can check out GMail's new features here. Remember GMail id from Google meaning that it can't been bad.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Flak Magazine: Video Gaming as Spectator Sport, 12.08.04

Found this article on Flak Magazine (click title of this post). Seems real great. Never actually thought about this really.

Monday, December 06, 2004

Celestron Telescopes -- NexStar GPS Series

There's a great possibility that the RCPL Astronomy Club, where I'm sort of vice president is going to have this telescope.

What do'u think about this?